I have felt the need to take deep and restful breaths, spend time outdoors, and take on the world the best I could! Exercise class got me through a lot of the year.

The voice of Elli Bergor made every yoga class worthwhile. She taught me how a deep yogic breath calms. It has been essential in my daily living as well as in times of stress. Then, I injured my lower back — herniated two discs — and lived in pain. This was a limiting event, for I became fearful of the wrong movements for many years. I practiced some yoga, but mostly followed my physical therapy protocols.

As I aged, I thought even more fearfully. I became plagued with the “don’ts.” Body got more stiff. Mind got more numb. This was going to be no fun, forever.

I have always belonged to a gym. Now in my sixties, I took a tip from a neighbor about a Senior and Fit class. My interest piqued. I found myself in a room with people that have a lot in common, have a sense of joy, a sense of humor, and a coach. Not just any coach, Coach Steve had VOICE. His enthusiasm and his little laugh made for a most fun hour. I kept coming to his class. Everyone was socializing and soon, I knew their names and stories. We had gatherings outside of class too, Coach Steve always in attendance.

In the last three years of weekly movements with Coach Steve, I have become stronger and I exercise longer. Not because I should, but because I want to improve my quality of life and have found a way to get it. Every hour is FUN.

Classes are flexible: I can exercise any of five days per week. Workouts include familiar moves and often introduce new moves, yoga teaching, and always The Breath. Covid did not stop Coach Steve: he learned, very well, to host on Zoom, so we held together, continuing our exercise classes. Coach Steve also offers personal training; he gave me exercises that I can do to strengthen my abdomen so my back has much more support.

I recommend other things. Additional aerobics is a must: walking three miles used to be a stretch, now six miles is a comfortable challenge. Biking 25% of the Davis Loop was all I attempted in the past; I now enjoy closing the Loop 100% (12 miles) on my cruiser.

I am living pain free now because I am not afraid to move in all of the right ways Coach Steve has taught me. Coach Steve is an open communicator, very polite, invites comments and questions, informs, teaches movements with explicit explanation, and has a keen eye for injury prevention. He includes himself as one of us, not perfectly fit all the time, but striving to do our best, to feel our best. He is not only certified, but dedicated to lead, to train, to improve. It is all about being Resilient!