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The Be Resilient Project is an inclusive and supportive wellness website that strives to improve the well being and stamina of our communities. Our safe and effective exercise and lifestyle programming reinforces the importance of being physically active to reduce stress and practicing mindfulness for mental clarity. It also encourages connectedness for emotional support. We also provide trustworthy health and fitness information for your self-care and a supportive social network to enhance the quality of your daily lives. Let us guide you to be resilient during these challenging times.

About The Team

We are a dedicated and experienced team of professional coaches, healthcare practitioners and wellness ambassadors that is focused on protecting our community’s well-being. We believe prevention is fundamentally a more cost-effective way to promote health and longevity. Our coaches specialize in healthy aging with backgrounds in functional movement, adaptive training, strength and conditioning, and mind-body movement practices such as Yoga and Pilates.

steve bonnel

Coach Steve

Steve Bonnel is the publisher of the Be Resilient Project and an advocate of ancestral health principles. He is committed to helping others understand how diet, lifestyle, and our environment can shape human health. Steve is also a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and running coach who specializes in functional movement. He enjoys helping people of all ages and physical abilities overcome their barriers to living a healthy, more fulfilling life.

Steve has a B.A. degree in Documentary Studies from Sacramento State and a background as a photojournalist. Throughout his career as a photographer, and for the past 10 years as a health and fitness instructor, Steve has worked closely with numerous people from diverse backgrounds. His relationships with the public and communities he has served has guided him throughout the development of The Be Resilient Project.

When Steve isn’t coaching or with his family, you can usually find him outdoors walking or running the Davis greenbelts, or enjoying other recreational activities with friends.

coach dan

Coach Dan

Dan Porter has been a professional Personal Trainer for the past 12 years now. He was introduced to weight lifting in his early teens by one of his older friends that needed a lifting partner. From the basement of the Sacramento YMCA they lifted iron, talked to other lifters, learned, practiced, and fell in love with exercising. Since then he has earned a number of health and fitness certifications and has become a well-respected coach throughout the Sacramento region.

Dan sincerely cares about your experience as much as the outcome you achieve. He won’t give you a reason to abandon your biological need to stay active. Instead, he will encourage you to find the intrinsic motivation that will help you pursue a lifelong active lifestyle. Dan strongly believes that coaching is not about performing, but about educating, collaborating, and communicating the best of his skill set, no more no less.

Coach Steve’s Movement and Mobility classes are just that – they are designed to help desk bound people like me who are trapped in meetings all day. Not only do I feel so much better after Steve’s classes, but I found his core strengthening and hip exercises have improved my recreational activities.

Michael Mierzwa,
Technical and Policy Advisor at California Department of Water Resources

Exercise with Coach Steve put my physical health back on track! Since joining his classes in 2016, I no longer have hip pain and regained good balance, flexibility and positive blood pressure changes. The social rewards and the friendships I’ve made through his class are a bonus as well.

Deborah Balash,
Davis Resident

Coach Steve is very knowledgeable, motivating, and his approach with “seniors” is beyond compare. I’m very grateful to have worked with him for four years!

Charles Horn,
Davis Resident

Coach Dan has improved my life through his compassionate and expert coaching. I trust his instructions and knowledge of fitness and just follow along with what ever exercises he prescribes.

Dan Bertrand,
Principal partner, Coremark Insurance Services

We appreciate Coach Dan’s low-key approach. The routines are hard and the monthly cycle keeps us from getting complacent or bored. At the beginning of the month we wonder if we can even do the exercises, but at the end of the month we’ve learned a new routine and improved our fitness.

Carol and John Rominger,
Davis Residents

Just wanted to thank you for delivering balanced and rewarding workouts. Your coaching experience and the variety of exercises you prescribe, has made me stronger and more confident as I progress in your classes. The zoom experience has also worked well for me. Staying healthy is easier now, so thank you!

Ann Bullish,
Davis Resident

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