Our signature Functional Fitness classes are designed to meet your needs and goals. Whether you are a busy working adult or a retiree, our inclusive and supportive classes and training programs will help you become more resilient as you age. Regular functional movement training will help you perform daily life and recreational activities more easily, which generally leads to enjoying a healthier, more active lifestyle. Our classes can also lead to enhanced muscle strength, increased flexibility, improved balance, and stamina. Last but not least, your emotional health during these worrisome times is just as important as your physical health. Our virtual and in-person group fitness classes emphasize a positive social dynamic that is uplifting, invigorating, and fun!

Member Content Library: Be Resilient Project members will also have access to recorded classes and a library of short exercise videos to help you improve functional movement skills along with tips for improving your home setup for a safer, more coachable Zoom class experience. (Must be logged in to access.)

Fitness Class Schedule

All times listed for fitness classes are current Pacific Time Zone. For participants living outside of California and in different time zones, please join our Be Resilient Project Zoom classes from your geographic location and adjust for the time accordingly. You can also sign up for a RECORDED class before the start time and have access to the class all day!