Take It Outside, To Wake Up Your Wildside!

Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey that requires guidance and support from a group of like-minded people striving for the same goals. You’ll find more enjoyment and success by being part of a group who will cheer you on! When it comes to exercise, doing it with others has three main benefits: accountability, support, and a sense of belonging. When times get tough, which they invariably will, you have the support of your coach and your group who will keep you on track!

Be Resilient Davis is reaching out to those interested in moving their bodies in a fun, social, and supportive way. Our new Walking/Hiking Group is for people of all ages and fitness levels to encourage you to get outdoors and off the beaten path to test your functional fitness, but also to have a good time while you’re at it. If you think that you’re too old, not strong enough, agile enough, fit enough, or any other reason you might have, stop thinking about it and come join us!

To start, we’ll meet each Saturday morning at 8:30AM for a short warmup and discuss our adventure. These walks and hikes are not too strenuous – after all, we do live in the flatlands. But, some of the terrain will be uneven which will require attention to your footing. Our meeting place will be at various locations, mostly around Davis, but occasionally within an hour’s drive. You will also be invited to our Wednesday, 5:30pm training sessions (Location TBD) that will focus on strength and conditioning to improve your walking and hiking efficiency.

Let the outdoors and being with friends be your inspiration while Coach Steve will be your guide. If interested, please contact me at sbonnel@att.net.

Hiking Trails in Yolo County