This pandemic has benefited me in many ways. Silence is the greatest gift…the first four months with no traffic on freeways, streets, or parking lots echoed the quiet within myself. The stillness within me was magnified on the outside and this was magnificent.  A number of organizations started offering Zoom retreats and classes: Upaya Zen Center, The Contemplative Society, Mythica Foundation, Mercy Center (Auburn and Burlingame), Abbey of the Arts, and more. I was able to partake of these because of Zoom and lower prices.

Walking has been a godsend and I have a nascent city park in my Natomas neighborhood with green grass, beautiful trees, geese, families playing, and horizons in every direction. I can see the moonrise and the snow-capped Sierras. It is calming, nurturing, and provides physical stimulation.

Steve’s classes have provided me with a social opportunity as well as a workout. I love hearing familiar people’s names and voices! And, of course, the brilliance of Steve is priceless during this time. He helped maintain a “normalcy” with past traditions of exercising and seeing friends. I am grateful for these many things and more.