The year of 2020 was a life-changing year. We all learned how important our social life was to our wellbeing. Going forward, we can now appreciate the simple things that we took for granted such as: freedom to travel anywhere anytime, in-person casual conversations with neighbors and friends, hugging our kids, grandkids, and each other.

My husband and I started exercising with Steve when he first started the program. After COVID decided it was here to stay, Steve quickly changed his classes from in-person to Zoom workouts. This allowed us to maintain our physical agility, strength, and mental health. He takes the extra time to “tune in” early so we can visit, via Zoom, with each other.

We look forward to going back to in-person classes but will be forever thankful that Steve provided us with his essential program during those dark days. We appreciate your flexibility to change the delivery of your wonderful classes.

Thank you, Steve for all you do!