Living during the pandemic has been challenging for me but it has also been a very reflective time as well. About two-and-a-half months ago I had a sewer back up which flooded both of my bathrooms. I had to move to a hotel for several months and, in fact, I just returned home recently. I had to focus on business dealings, packing and unpacking, taking care of my guide dog, Lava, and keeping myself as calm and relaxed as I could be.

I did work on maintaining mental resilience even if I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I wanted during this time. I have two rocks that help me meditate. One is a smooth, lovely rock that says “gratitude” on it. The other one is a more rough and imperfect stone with “let it be” engraved on it. I think both are important for a resilient life and for emphasizing that I need to balance those two thoughts. Although I may be a little slower and adaptive because I am blind, I know I — indeed, all of us — have the ability to be resilient and then empowered.

I appreciate Steve’s personal touch. Every week he reminds us of his commitment and how we can respond to his encouragement. I haven’t given up my goal of attaining mental and physical resilience although I have been temporarily delayed. Thank you, Steve, for continuing to believe in our ability to be resilient.